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Smiles’ Stories

Meet Dr. Mabry, a member of the Smiles dental team!

Our work at Smiles wouldn’t be possible without the compassion and charitable contributions from our team of dentists and labs. They donate their time, skill-set and products to restore our recipients’ smiles and give them a new chance to succeed! One of our incredible dentists is Dr. Todd Mabry. Dr. Mabry operates North Scottsdale Dental Studio which specializes in correcting aesthetic imperfections with cosmetic dentistry, while also offering a variety of progressive dental treatments that can improve both oral health and the function of a patient’s teeth. Dr. Mabry attended University of Arizona for his undergraduate, along with Marquette University School of Dentistry and has been recognized as a Top Dentist by Phoenix Magazine in 2014 and 2015. Dr. Mabry has donated his service for seven Smiles cases.




His most recent recipient received a complex smile restoration and as a result of her new smile, received a promotion at her place of work! We are very grateful to Dr. Mabry’s longtime support and commitment.




We asked Dr. Mabry to share his experience working with Smiles. 

“I got involved with Smiles and Beyond to give back to individuals that have been incarcerated and are now on a path to being a productive part of society. 

Three years ago, during a meeting with my office manager,  Linda met Frank’s Mom. Frank and I grew up together and both went to the same schools. I knew I had to help because I knew Frank would use it to become a better person and give back to society.  I made sure he received a full restorative dental makeover with implants and beautiful porcelain crowns. Without a dental makeover, getting a job would be a challenge because of how society judges people without a smile or missing teeth.

Due to Frank’s decay and non-restorable teeth, I involved Dr. Bob Guyette who generously provided dental implants.  Immediately after his surgery, you cold see the transformation of his smile! We upgraded his upper and lower hybrid restorations to be made of Zirconia as a part of the restoration as a way to reduce the failures we had experienced in the temporary phase of treatment.

Everyone has deviated from our path in life, but now my friend Frank is on the fast track to a better life!  I witnessed his transformation myself and his passion to help others. I would give Frank anything and what I did give him back was his smile! 

Every time I see Frank he is in a better place and doing amazing things!  I’m proud of him as if he was a brother!  I am a firm believer in that things in life happen for a reason.  Frank’s transformation in life is the most rewarding thing I can do for a patient.” 



“I smile because God gave me a second chance and Smiles and Beyond is a big part of this.” Pastor Stas spends his days serving as the Associate Pastor at Phoenix World Outreach Church and works closely with the homeless outreach programs. His parishioners are greeted by his joyful smile. A smile that has always been beautiful on the inside and now is just as beautiful on the outside. A smile that shows the happiness that comes with being given a second chance at life. 

Pastor Stas recently became a recipient of Smiles and Beyond. He is currently in the middle of his dental journey and just recently received his first set of temporary implants.

Here he sits smiling with the dental staff who gave him the new smile just minutes after coming out of surgery. For the first time in a long time, he doesn’t have the pain and discomfort so often associated with the need for dental work.

“My dental work not only improved my appearance, but it also greatly improved my health. I was suffering from chronic pain, infection and the inability to enjoy a simple meal. I suffered from migraines and my eternal health was being affected.” 

Not anymore! While Pastor Stas has a long dental road ahead, his excellent team, Dr. Jennifer Bayer and Dr. Robert Guyette, are with him every step of the way!

“It has been a new lease on life. Everyday I look in the mirror and can honestly say that I am not ashamed of what I see. I am still early in the program and I believe the opportunities are just beginning.”

However, this wasn’t always the case. As a troubled child, Pastor Stas discovered drugs at a very young age, resulting in a long battle with drug use which ultimately led to spending time in prison.

“I ended up losing my sons over my foolishness and I was on a total path of distraction, even suicidal at one point. That’s when the Lord finally spoke to me. I heard, ‘is this how I want my sons to remember me?’ I knelt on the ground and dedicated my life to Christ. This was the beginning of a new life.” 

Smiles and Beyond focuses on giving recipients like Pastor Stas a new chance at life. Giving recipients the confidence to smile opens up a world of opportunities.

“This program has transformed lives. It’s a program of restoration. It’s a program of hope, where hope was lost. It’s amazing how a new smile can restore one’s self esteem.” 



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