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Smiles’ Story

A Reason to Smile


In partnership with the finest professionals in the dental community, Smiles extends comprehensive dental services to the formerly incarcerated, sober and drug-free women and men who have been out of prison for at least one year. Smiles gives its recipients not just a new smile, but a chance to help themselves. Simply put, changing smiles changes out of prison for at least one year lives.  An improved smile dramatically impacts conversation, confidence, contact and careers….key factors for those looking to re-enter society as contributing members of society. Working with 60 dentists and 10 labs who offer their in-kind services, Smiles has helped 200 recipients to date.




Meet Our Founder 

“I can give them a smile!” 

Linda Parker Smith has an extensive background in dentistry having served in every capacity except being the dentist.  Building on her professional experience, Linda founded Dynamic Dental which provided consulting services to dental practices nationally.

In 2009, Linda Parker Smith attended a meeting for Along Side Ministries (ASM). During the meeting, she learned about their mission to rehabilitate men and women coming out of prison. After seeing the condition of the former inmates’ teeth and smiles, she had a calling to help by giving them a new smile. Using her background in business and dental, Linda Parker Smith set out on the journey to begin Smiles Beyond the Bars. She approached dentists one by one and eventually grew Smiles to become a network of 60 dentists who contributed over $800,000 of in-kind services in 2016.