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Televerde and ArouetFoundation are the generous presenting sponsors of the 2017 Holiday Gala…The Magic of a Smile, the signature fundraising event in support of Smiles Beyond the Bars.   Through their support, they will partner with Smiles in offering renewed hope to deserving recipients for brighter tomorrows … all with a bright smile!

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Televerde is a global demand generation company that provides sales and marketing solutions designed to acquire new business and accelerate revenue. We serve as strategic partners for our clients, dedicated to delivering exceptional results from the moment leads enter the sales pipeline to close.

By offering proven solutions in the areas of marketing technology services, strategic engagement planning, data intelligence, demand generation, teleservices and inside sales, Televerde has helped a wide range of large and mid-sized companies around the world generate over $8 billion in revenue.

Arouet Foundation

Arouet began inside Perryville Prison in Goodyear Arizona in 2004. Televerde, a Department of Corrections workforce development partner, began a reentry program called T.O.P.S. to help prepare incarcerated women for life after prison. We implement programs that emphasize education, job skills, and post-release work opportunities, without increasing the burden on government. 


Smiles Beyond the Bars Founder and CEO, Linda Parker Smith, announced that Smiles Beyond the Bars is going National.  With the help of the Pro Player Health Alliance we will make this a reality.

Dentists, to date, from throughout the United States who have come on board include:

Dr. Anthony Bernardo,   Elgin,

Dr. Rod Willey, Peoria, Illinois

Dr. Tara Griffin,  Miami/Orlando Florida

Dr. Dian Olha, Beverly Hills, California

Dr. Chris Chui, San Francisco, California

Dr. Tom Ludlow, Modesto, California

Dr. Harry Sugg, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Brandon Hedgecock, Austin, Texas

Dr. Ed Hobbs, Longview/Tyler/ Dallas, Texas

Dr. Rebecca Lauck, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Zach Holder, Houston, Texas

Dr. Neil Seltzer, Long Island, New York

Dr. Anthony Scanni, New Jersey

Smiles Beyond the Bars Chosen by Mission Increase AZ 

Smiles Beyond The Bars is one of the 20 non-profits chosen by Mission Increase AZ to participate in their tax credit program and receive up to $25,000 in additional donations. The non-profit who receives the most in tax credit donations will win. If we win, we will be able to help deserving recipients receive new smiles! Help us win by donating up to $800 you owe the state directly to Smiles Beyond the Bars.

It’s easy to make a donation to Smiles Beyond the Bars using the dollars you owe the state! Take a look at the details below! 



Offering Dental Services to Formerly Incarcerated People

The mission of Smiles Beyond the Bars (Smiles) is to embrace the formerly incarcerated men and women who have begun the process of changing their lives. Smiles does so by working closely with the finest team of dentist professionals to give these deserving recipients the gift of a new smile.

Through a network of dental professionals and labs, Smiles has helped more than 210 formerly incarcerated recipients in Arizona whose teeth have suffered the effects of drugs, poverty and prison. With close to $1 million in dental procedures contributed annually since 2009, Smiles recipients have successfully transitioned into society resulting in a 0.1% recidivism rate and has saved nearly $7.5 million in Arizona tax payer’s dollars not going towards incarceration costs.

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